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ATESS HPS10000TL-S lights up Phitsanulok railway station


It is a great honor for ATESS to be a part of the Phitsanulok railway station project located in Thailand Phitsanulok province. As one of Thailand’s major transportation hubs, the station receives tens of thousands of passengers every day.  

Last week the ATESS 10kw hybrid inverter HPS10000TLS just been commissioned and started to power for all the lighting facilities in the station. The system runs in on-grid load priority mode so as to maximize self consumption, in this mode PV will be supplying priority to load, the remaining to battery, only when PV power lower than load power, battery will start discharging, until battery voltage gets as low as the alarm point, PV and grid will supply power for load simultaneously. Zero-export function is optional to adapt to various application scenarios. The system is expected to generate around 18Mwh power in a year, covering 70% of the load consumption, reducing 14.5ton CO2 emissions.

In response to the call of the government to utilize green energy, solar power is getting more widely applied for infrastructures. In the year of 2019, Thailand has added roughly 3.5GW of new solar capacity, among which over 210sets of ATESS storage systems that up to 1MW have been delivered, without a doubt it is becoming a major market for all the family of ATESS inverters.

(ATESS at the project site) 

(ATESS HPS10000TLS installed in the railway station)