Shenzhen ATESS Power Technology is a leading energy solution provider focusing on design and manufacturing of PV hybrid inverter, battery inverter, storage solution and EV charging stations for various applications. with a founder team more than 10 years in the industry,Atess has been supplying its product and solutions worldwide.


ATESS provides comprehensive solutions on two major categories, one is Energy Storage and the other is EV Charging


ESS related products including hybrid inverter, bi-directional battery inverter, solar charge controller, switching cabinet and other accessories

EV charging products including AC charger, DC charger and combo chargerand accessories


With more than 6 years development, products of ATESS have been applied worldwide covering South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, ATESS is keen on providing global users excellent products and comprehensive services.



Today solar energy storage inverter undoubtedly has been a common choice for residential and industrial power supply, for now there are two ways to construct medium to large-scale applications: one is to use single high-power inverter; the other is to use several smaller inverters in parallel. Single high-power inverter might have disadvantage in volume, quality, installation and other aspects. In addition, the reliability of single high-power scheme is relatively poor, one error might make the whole system paralyzed. Therefore, the technology of parallel connection is worth being applied in wider field.