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ATESS releases new 1 MW battery inverter



With the demand for more sustainable and efficient energy solutions in the market, ATESS Power Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a new battery inverter with 1,000 kW of capacity. The PCS1000 bidirectional model is designed for the commercial and industrial segments.

This 1,000 kW large capacity inverter can satisfy your huge energy demand, while its easily scalable design showcases its high expandable potential for customized requirements in MW-level systems. With a built-in energy management function, this inverter can realize intelligent battery energy management and efficient electricity distribution cost-effectively.


The PCS1000 product sheet indicates that the inverter has the capacity to accept 1,000 kW of DC power from both a battery and a PV system, converting it to 1,000 kW of AC power. This applies to both off-grid and on-grid conditions. In addition, it supports a seamless transfer within 10 ms and ensures uninterrupted power when there is no grid available.


Its battery charging and discharging efficiency and safety performance have been greatly improved. A real-time cloud monitoring platform makes it possible to remotely monitor the

operation status and data of battery inverter in real-time.


The product has an efficiency rating of 99.0% and allows for the parallel connection of multiple units for extended operation. Parallel 4 units in off-grid mode and parallel unlimited units in grid-connected mode. Cooling is facilitated through forced air.


With dry contact output, it supports the remote control of the diesel generator. It offers programmable working modes controlled via a touchscreen, which include peak and frequency regulation, grid support, peak shaving, and backup, satisfying diverse usage needs.


The PCS1000 can be configured with a solar charge controller, a bypass cabinet, or used as a standalone system. 


This battery inverter also has an IP20 protection degree, rated voltage of 400 V, rated current of 1443 A, and operating temperature of -25°C~+55°C.